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IBM X-Force Intelligence Threat Index 2019

“As the cyber threat landscape evolves, what we saw in 2018 is organisations across all industries are facing unmanageable levels of cyber threats brought on by the changing threat landscape, the risk of exposure and an ever-growing attack surface. The IBM X-Force Research team is a crack team of security professionals who run thousands of spam traps around the world and monitor tens of millions of spam and phishing attacks daily while analysing billions of web pages and images to detect fraudulent activity and brand abuse. In the fight to stay one step ahead, this week we released the IBM X-Force Intelligence Threat Index 2019. The report contains notable security events in 2018 and looks ahead with a pre-emptive approach. It also shares insights and observations from data analysed via hundreds of millions of protected endpoints and servers across over 100 countries…

Some of the key findings in the report include: Ransomware & Malware are out & cryptojacking is in…”

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