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IEA – Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013 – IEA Input to the Clean Energy Ministerial, May 2013

  • “This is the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) third comprehensive tracking of progress in clean energy technology. It is a reality check for policy makers: it reflects what is happening here and now. Stark messages emerge from our analysis: progress is not fast enough; glaring market failures are preventing adoption of clean energy solutions; considerable energy efficiency potential remains untapped; policies must better address the energy system as a whole; and energy-related research, development and demonstration all need to accelerate. In this year’s report we launch the Energy Sector Carbon Intensity Index (ESCII), which shows the carbon emitted for each unit of energy we use and provides a cumulative overview of progress in the energy sector. The picture is as clear as it is disturbing: the carbon intensity of the global energy supply has barely changed in 20 years, despite successful efforts in deploying renewable energy.”
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