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Impeachment managers previewed arguments in legal brief filed Saturday

Vox: “…The first legal filings for the Senate impeachment trial gave a preview of what to expect in the upcoming weeks: The House impeachment managers called for Trump’s removal, arguing that his “conduct is the Framers’ worst nightmare,” while the president’s defense team called the entire impeachment process “brazen and unlawful.” House impeachment managers filed their 111-page trial brief to the Senate on Saturday. Throughout the document, the managers explain why Trump was impeached and why House Democrats believe he must be removed. They do so by outlining the manner in which Trump tried to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political rivals, and how he denied Congress access to material illuminating that pressure campaign. Essentially, the trial brief states the case for Trump’s removal like this: He abused his presidential power for his own political benefit, then tried to cover it up. Trump is expected to deliver his own brief by Monday, but his team has already filed a six-page response to the House managers’ document, in which they cast impeachment as an unfair and unconstitutional power grab by the House…”

President Trump’s legal team brief – Updated Jan 20, 2020 at 3:45 PM: “The White House argued in a legal brief filed Monday that the two articles of impeachment against President Trump are “structurally deficient,” decrying a “rigged process” and urging senators to “immediately” acquit the president.” Read the story here.

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