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Incalculable Loss Project

“For months the media has been focused on Covid-19, which data shows has disproportionately killed Black Americans. And due to systemic injustice, Black Americans also continue to die at higher rates from a different public health crisis: police violence. We took the iconic New York Times cover from Memorial Day and featured just some of the names of Black lives lost to police violence alongside the status of their case. Because one day, a vaccine will prevent Covid-19. But without police accountability, this disease will continue to ravage America. An early draft of this image was posted on Instagram with an incorrect date. Our research was based on numbers of Black American deaths since the year 2000, not 2013. The image quickly went viral before we could fix it. The correct version appears on this site. It is important to note that the data is not exact as cases go unreported or manipulated by police departments, and the focus of this project was to imagine if The New York Times gave the same attention to this epidemic as they did Covid-19.”

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