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Indicators of Climate Change in California

Indicators of Climate Change in California – California Environmental Protection Agency, August 2013 – characterizes the multiple facets of climate change in California. “The report tracks trends in greenhouse gas levels that influence climate, changes in the state’s climate, and the impacts of climate change on California’s environment and people. The report does this by bringing together and displaying large amounts of scientific data as “indicators”. These indicators rely on monitoring and research activities carried out by state and federal agencies, universities, and other research institutions. The indicators selected reflect current understanding about the role of heat – trapping greenhouse gases in climate change, how temperature and precipitation are changing, and how these changes are affecting the environment, specifically freshwater and marine systems, as well as humans, plants and animals. This 2013 edition updates a report published in 2009. California has played a pioneering role as a leader in climate policy, planning and research. The indicators can help the state track, assess, and report on the climate change issues it is working to address. They facilitate communication of complex information to a broad audience in a relatively simple, systematic manner. Finally, by compiling indicators representing the many aspects of climate change in a single document, this report can serve as a valuable resource for decision-makers, scientists, educators, and other interested individuals.”

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