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Infographic Provides a State-by-State Look at How Uninsured People Will Fare Under the Affordable Care Act

“A new interactive infographic from the Kaiser Family Foundation presents a comprehensive look at how the uninsured are expected to fare in each state next year after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) takes full effect on Jan. 1. The ACA provides new coverage options for many of the nation’s 47 million nonelderly uninsured people across the income spectrum, but there are big differences between states based on the makeup of their low income populations and whether or not a state expands the Medicaid program. The online tool features an interactive map that allows users to click on each state to obtain key data that break down the potential gains in coverage for the uninsured, the gaps in coverage and those who will not receive any financial assistance. For each state the infographic shows:

  • How many uninsured people will be eligible for Medicaid (including those newly eligible in states expanding Medicaid under the ACA and those – mostly children – eligible but unenrolled in states not expanding);
  • How many uninsured will be eligible for tax credits to help them purchase coverage in the ACA Marketplaces;
  • How many uninsured adults below the poverty level will be in the “coverage gap,” meaning they will not be eligible for Medicaid or for financial assistance to buy coverage because their state is not moving forward with the Medicaid expansion in 2014;
  • How many uninsured will not benefit from the ACA’s financial assistance with coverage because they have income too high to qualify for tax credits or have employer coverage or are undocumented immigrants.”

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