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Intelesense Beta Release of at Annual Future in Review Conference “ combines an integrated suite of collaboration tools coupled with all of the world’s geospatial data at your fingertips.” [from Intelesense Technologies] is a cloud based big data application that currently offers its members features including:

  • Customizable dashboards that can provide easy configuration of the features that matter to the groups who operate a given portal
  • Blogs and notebooks for individuals who are interested in sharing information such as traditional blogs, group discussions, announcement lists or even wikis to help with sharing information related to their project(s)
  • Color-coded Calendars that can be used to track events, milestones or other important dates
  • Task lists to facilitate program management and task delegation, including the ability to assign tasks to multiple people and track their progress in real time
  • On-line storage so individuals and groups can organize, store and share files with others inside their group or across the community as a whole in a variety of commonly used document, graphic and audio formats, GIS layers, satellite and aerial imagery
  • Feed reader that will provide individuals with real-time news updates from a variety of traditional news sources as well as commonly used social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Videoconferencing to assist users inside a group or members of a portal with real-time communications between these different individuals including live video and audio feeds, a virtual whiteboard as well as screen sharing capabilities
  • Layer manager with over 2.2 million data layers (equivalent to about 5-10PB of data)aggregated from sensor networks, GIS data, news and social media feeds, as well as satellite and aerial imagery. Members of can upload and share additional layers within the community or exclusively within their group
  • Support for a number of 2D and 3D geospatial viewers, including InteleView5, the world’s first major HTML5/WebGL-based world explorer. Users can use InteleView5 to zoom to any location on the planet, browse the layers of geospatial data based off data selected in the Layer Manager listed above, rotate the view as well as zoom to specific locations, as well as use a number of measurement and analytical tools.”

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