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Intelligence Committee Votes to Enhance Oversight of Terrorist Surveillance Program

Press release – U.S. Senator Pat Roberts today made the following statement: “Several weeks ago I began discussing with the White House the need to expand this Committee’s oversight of the Terrorist Surveillance Program and to begin engaging with Congress on possible legislative approaches. Before our last recess, I asked the members of the Intelligence Committee to give me more time to continue these discussions in hope of reaching an accommodation with the Administration on both the oversight and legislative fronts…Today we reached an accommodation with the White House to expand the number of members involved in overseeing this important program to seven, just about half of the Committee. The Committee voted to create a seven member subcommittee to conduct enhanced oversight of the Terrorist Surveillance Program. Including myself, there will be four Republicans on the Subcommittee. I have appointed the Members. They are: Senator Hatch, Senator DeWine, and Senator Bond.”

  • Knight Ridder Newspapers: GOP lawmakers work to limit probe of domestic spying program
  • New York Times, G.O.P. Senators and Bush Reach Wiretap Accord
  • Washington Post, March 3, 2006: Gonzales Denies More Extensive Domestic Spying: “…[in a ] Feb. 28 letter to two senators…Gonzales appeared to suggest there might be domestic wiretap operations that extend beyond the outlines Bush acknowledged in December.”
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