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Intelligent Information Gathering

Robin Good’s Mini Guide: Become a News G-d: How to be the first one to know everything about anything – Intelligent Information Agents Come of Age.

  • This 102 page guide, in pdf, is available for purchase via Robin Good’s Sharewood Tidings website. Arranged in 14 short chapters, it evaluates a wide range of free and fee-based services and sites that can be used to effectively undertake the challenges inherent in the task of daily news and information gathering on the web.
  • The authors provide an excellent primer on “how to gather information intelligently,” and the rationale for looking beyond your current complement of online services to the growing realm of web-based options from small companies or even individual enterprises.
  • The guide covers 14 different “change trackers,” 7 examples of “internet monitoring and clipping services,” and includes a brief overview of news aggregators, a good overview of search tools and toolbars, clipping services, and an eclectic list of free, alternative news resources.
  • I recommend this guide for busy researchers who will appreciate its well organized presentation of numerous resource options into one easy to read publication.
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