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Internal USPS Documents Show Declines in Performance and Delays in Service

Gizmodo: “Documents displayed during Monday’s House Oversight Committee hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy show just how far behind the Postal Service has fallen since DeJoy took over in June. DeJoy spent the morning defending his brief, scandal-ridden time as postmaster general before the committee. Citing complaints from constituents and postal workers across the country, Democratic committee members offered a scathing review of DeJoy’s performance thus far, portraying him as either grossly incompetent or purposely negligent…At the hearing’s outset, Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) held up an internal USPS document titled “Service Performance Management,” a briefing she said was delivered to DeJoy less than two weeks ago.

According to this document, these delays are not just a dip,” Maloney said. “This document warns the postmaster general of significant and widespread drops across the board. In First-Class marketing, periodicals, and other categories. This document shows these delays are not a myth or a conspiracy theory, as some of my colleagues have argued.” She added, “These steep declines did not start in April or May, when the coronavirus crisis hit us, but in July when Mr. DeJoy came on board and began making his changes.” The internal documents, three pages of which were obtained by Gizmodo, reveal sharp declines in the postal service’s performance beginning in mid-July, roughly a month after DeJoy took office. The dip affects both the processing and delivery of various types of mail, including First-Class, periodicals, and marketing mail. USPS performance is shown as lower than desired overall since at least March, when covid-19 infections really began to pick up, but there is a clear, sizable shift downward in USPS’s efficiency under DeJoy’s watch…”

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