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International debt flows before and after the financial crisis

International debt flows before and after the financial crisis by Evis Rucaj, 02-21-23

  • “New debt statistics show that the composition of long term debt inflows in 2011 follows pre-crisis patterns. Debt statistics are central to understanding the impact of the financial crisis; the World Bank’s International Debt Statistics provides a detailed picture of debt flows of 128 developing countries. Now that the 2013 edition has been released, and as a member of the team that put it together, I thought I would look back at what the data tell us actually happened to international debt flows to developing countries before and after the recent financial crisis. The financial crisis reaffirmed the volatile life cycle of capital flows. In the early 2000s, as developing economies became more attractive for foreign investment, private capital debt flows surged rapidly into these economies, while official creditors maintained a slower pace. In 2007, private financial flows were dominant and represented 90 percent of long term debt inflows into the developing economies.”
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