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International Women’s Day – Every day, we are grateful and mindful of those in whose steps we walk

Calling out one day each year to honor a huge group of people, in each town and city in every country around the world, may be a paradigm ready for amendment.  We know of countless women whose work, intellect, courage, artistry, faith, inventions, creations, characters, lyrics, poems, speeches, ground breaking achievements, and the list goes on, have impacted all of our lives, irrespective of our acknowledgement or tribute. So, each day, let us all reach out to women we do know, and thank them, in some way. This is not a task, it is not difficult – it a part of what so many women, thankfully, just do. This is in fact an act of daily celebration – even if it is quiet and unheralded, that continues to connect each of us to all those who have come before us, and those who are here with us now – leading change, envisioning tomorrow, and giving us the gift of their strength, integrity, character – and not least of all – hope that every day a little girl somewhere will see a “queen,” and then actually meet her – all lives, forever changed and enriched.

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