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Introducing Dark Web Monitoring for credential leaks

Proton Blog: “Your email address is your online identity(new window), and you share it whenever you create a new account for an online service. While this offers convenience, it also leaves your identity exposed if hackers manage to breach the services you use. Data breaches affecting online services are increasingly common, with tens of billions of records already leaked this year to the dark web, where credentials are often bought and sold. If your credentials leak, timely alerts are critical so you can take action to secure your accounts, prevent identity theft, and avoid financial losses. In recent months, we’ve released multiple security features designed to fortify your digital identity against attacks, and today we’re excited to launch another feature for everyone with a paid Proton plan: Dark Web Monitoring for credential leaks. You’ll find it in our new Security Center(new window) in Proton Mail, and in your Security and Privacy settings.”

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