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Introducing the U.S. Election Twitter Network Graph Tool

“This is a blog post co-authored by Emmi Bevensee, a Mozilla Fellow hosted at the Anti-Defamation League. Emmi is co-creator of the recently-launched Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT). Who does Trump most interact with on Twitter? What does sectarianism look like in political social media? Who has the most influence on our politicians online? Today, the team behind SMAT (Social Media Analysis Toolkit) is launching a live, updating and interactive network graph of U.S. politicians and the accounts they interact with on Twitter. You can use it to analyze things like influence and connections between various political figures in the process of the U.S. 2020 election. Network graphs are at the cutting edge intersections of several fields such as computer science, mathematics, and the social sciences. They provide a unique lens to make sense of interactions, especially for phenomena that move through interactions such as outbreaks. However, the “infodemic” we are experiencing now works in many ways like a pandemic, and so this technology becomes all the more useful. In this case, the SMAT 2020 Election network graph helps users analyze the interactions that define our online political landscape…”

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