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Introduction to Law Librarianship

Introduction to Law Librarianship. Authors: Zanada Joyner and Cas Laskowski – “Law libraries are a microcosm of the world today, facing unprecedented uncertainty while tackling racism and discrimination in new ways. Libraries have long been at the forefront of racial and social justice activism via community outreach, programming, and collections. But our workforce does not reflect the diversity of the populations we serve. Why is that? What can we do differently to attract and grow our profession alongside the changing demographics of our communities? We can start by profoundly reflecting on our profession and radically changing how we teach and practice law librarianship in the 21st century. This textbook, Introduction to Law Librarianship, helps us do that. Written and edited by expert practitioners, this tome reframes traditional approaches to law librarianship while expounding on emerging theories and themes permeating society and education, demanding incorporation into the library science curriculum. We also have an opportunity with this open-access e-textbook to reach beyond our borders. Librarianship is one of the oldest professions in the world. Well before universities, law firms, and courts of law were established, libraries flourished, and librarians were the keepers of knowledge. Librarians have built collections, shared resources, and supported research for hundreds, if not thousands, of years…”

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