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“Investigative journalism – the immune system of a functioning democracy – is broken”

“Uncoverage is a connector between journalists who believe in revealing new information in the public interest, and backers like you who can make investigations and stories happen. Journalists with proven track records will be vetted into the platform. Approved journalists will associate themselves with topics they believe in, and work with topic editors to craft pitches and stories for the site. Journalists may post their news pitches with relevant content, such as videos and photographs, plus their budget needed to deliver a completed story, and then YOU choose to back the journalists, pitches, and topics you want to see investigated and published. There is no paywall. Stories produced in the public interest should be available to everyone. The stories belong to the journalists, not to us. We are here to help make them happen. We will work closely with freelancers and nonprofit and some for-profit news organizations. The Center for Public Integrity is going to be a launch partner, and we cannot wait to start backing some of their investigations!”

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