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Investing in Place: Two Generations’ View on the Future of Communities

[The American Planning Association] – APA’s 2014 research poll is designed to probe in more depth the relationship between planning in local communities and spurring of economic development. This poll attempts to better understand how two key demographic groups — Millennials (aged 21 to 34) and ‘Active Boomers’ (aged 50 to 65) with at least some college and across all communities — urban, suburban, small town and rural — perceive their economic future in terms of place and community. (The intervening Gen X cohort, aged 35 to 49, was also included.) This work builds on recent analysis of these population groups conducted by a range of other organizations, including the Pew Research Center and AARP. In addition, much has been written and speculated about the changing attitudes of these two groups and the impact they will have on planning and economic development for communities large and small. The focus on Millennials and Active Boomers is not accidental. Both groups are large in size relative to other generations and represent a majority of the U.S. workforce. Additionally, both confront significant economic challenges arising from the Great Recession.”

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