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IRS Oversight Board Annual Report to Congress 2011

IRS Oversight Board Annual Report to Congress 2011, May 2012

  • “It is in the national interest, as well as the personal interest of every taxpayer, that the IRS is successful in achieving these goals. By making it easier for taxpayers to understand, calculate, and report their tax obligations, and to remit payment conveniently, the IRS can reduce the administrative burden borne by taxpayers. During the last several years new tax code provisions designed to stimulate the economy and provide economic assistance to taxpayers have been enacted, making the tax code even more complex. As a result, it is more important than ever for the IRS to help taxpayers understand their tax obligations and the economic assistance the tax code can provide. In addition, taxpayers who do not meet their tax obligations cost the US government an estimated $385 billion every year. To the extent that the IRS can reduce this uncollected tax revenue—or tax gap as it is known—economic benefit is provided to the vast majority of taxpayers who pay what they legally owe. In short, the IRS must put equal balance on its two strategic goals: it must make compliance easier and more understandable while enforcing the tax laws fairly and effectively.”
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