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Is the Future of E-Government in Doubt?

Since 9-11, there have been documented instances of information having been removed from government sponsored web sites, as well as indications that data that otherwise would be made public has simply not been published on the Web. A September 11 article in PCWorld addresses this issue, albeit well after its discussion in other venues. It is difficult to determine whether this is a ‘trend’ or an aberation, and only time will tell as researchers and advocacy groups monitor the situation. OMB Watch has a site , last updated on May 2, 2002, with background on the issue and links to previous articles. Also see the April 2, 2002 article from Government Computer News, Some feds welcome order to scrub Web.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission actually took their site offline last October to prevent access to sensitive data. On December 3, 2001, the agency posted a newly designed, and well scrubbed site, at the time indicating that it would continue to undergo revision until early 2002.
See also the Pew Internet and American Life Project Survey, published September 5, 2002, titled September 11 and the Internet, that found “More than two-thirds of Americans believe that the government should be granted wide privileges in deciding what information to post on government agency Web sites and what information to keep off government sites for fear it will help terrorists.”

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