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ISP Pac Bell Sues RIAA

Pacific Bell Internet Services, a unit of SBC Communications Inc., claims subpoenas filed by the Recording Industry Association of America and Titan Media Inc. threaten the privacy rights of its subscribers, most of whom live in California.” [Link]

  • Thanks to Ella V. Delaney, who also provided the following information: Pacific Bell Internet Services v. RIAA and Titan Media Inc, docket #03-3560, U.S. District Court in San Francisco.
  • “The suit also calls into question some sections of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a federal law that the RIAA contends supports its legal actions. A spokesman for SBC said the RIAA’s use of the DMCA in its hunt for online song-sharers interferes with customer privacy.”[Link]
  • Senator Launches Probe Into RIAA Subpoena Blizzard [Link]
  • . From Senator Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) press release: The Senator…”began an inquiry into the tactics being employed by the Recording Industry Association of America in a crackdown on illegal file sharing that may be inadvertently targeting thousands of Americans.”

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