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It’s Basically Too Late To Vote By Mail Now

BuzzFeedNews – “In many states, Tuesday was the last recommended day by which to drop your ballot in a mailbox. From now, voters are being encouraged to leave them in official drop boxes or vote in-person. Today is exactly one week before Election Day on Nov. 3, which in many states means it is the deadline by which the US Postal Service has recommended that voters put their ballots in the mail. As a result, everyone from former US attorney general Eric Holder to John Legend is urging people not to vote by mail after today. That advice, however, can be somewhat confusing. In some states, such as Massachusetts, the deadline for requesting a mail-in ballot hasn’t even passed yet, while in others like New York, votes postmarked as late as Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 10 are supposed to be counted. (The secretary of state in New York still suggests dropping your ballot in the mail by today.) Postal workers say they will be checking home mailboxes for ballots to pick up and deliver throughout the next week, according to two such workers who spoke to BuzzFeed News after receiving those instructions from their superiors.

But with the USPS reporting mail delays in some regions, and the Supreme Court ruling Monday that Wisconsin ballots arriving after Election Day won’t be counted due to that state’s laws, voting advocates and officials are now urging people to prioritize using an official drop box or to bring their mail ballots to the polls to vote provisionally in person on Election Day…”

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