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It’s Not Just the IRS—the US Government Wants Your Selfies

Wired: “…More than 20 federal agencies, including the Social Security Administration, use a digital identity system called run by the General Services Administration. It’s built on services from LexisNexis and can use selfies for account verification. The GSA’s director of technology transformation services Dave Zvenyach says facial recognition is being tested for fairness and accessibility and not yet used when people access government services through The GSA’s administrator said last year that 30 million citizens have accounts and that it expects the number to grow significantly as more agencies adopt the system.  “ is supplying something many governments ask for and require companies to do,” says Elizabeth Goodman, who previously worked on and is now senior director of design at federal contractor A1M Solutions. Countries including the UK, New Zealand, and Denmark use similar processes to’s to establish digital identities used to access government services. Many international security standards are broadly in line with those of the US, written by the National Institute of Standards and Technology…”

Update – February 8, 2022 – Washington Post: IRS abandons facial recognition plan after firestorm of criticism. The agency had planned to require taxpayers send video scans of their face to a private company starting this summer

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