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Job Outlook: Hiring for U.S. Jobs Expected to Be Flat

National Association of Colleges and Employers: “Hiring for U.S. openings for Class of 2017 graduates is expected to be relatively flat, according to results of NACE’s Job Outlook 2017 survey. Employers indicated plans to hire 5.8 percent more new graduates during 2016-17 than they did in 2015-16 for their U.S. operations. This current projection is in line with final projections employers reported for last year’s graduates in the Job Outlook 2016 Spring Update survey. While employers initially anticipated hiring 11 percent more Class of 2016 college graduates, they ended the cycle instead with a 5.2 percent increase. Exploring the individual hiring plans of respondents provides insight into the flat hiring market for new college graduates. Overall, fewer respondents to the 2017 survey anticipate hiring more new college graduates than was the case a year ago: 36 percent versus 40 percent. This marks the fourth consecutive year of that trend. On a positive note, the difference is made up by the majority of employers who anticipate keeping their hiring levels even with last year’s levels. Fewer expect to cut hiring…”

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