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John Oliver fights robocalls by robocalling Ajit Pai and the FCC

ars technica – Pai has helped robocallers by failing to issue strict rules, Oliver argues — [NSFW]:”..In a 17-minute segment on March 10, 2019] on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver described the scourge of robocalls and blamed Pai for not doing more to stop them. Oliver ended the segment by announcing that he and his staff are sending robocalls every 90 minutes to all five FCC commissioners.

“Hi FCC, this is John from customer service,” Oliver’s recorded voice says on the call. “Congratulations, you’ve just won a chance to lower robocalls in America today… robocalls are incredibly annoying, and the person who can stop them is you! Talk to you again in 90 minutes—here’s some bagpipe music.” Oliver pointed out that Pai opposed Obama-era FCC anti-robocall rules and “was extremely happy when they were overturned.” Oliver was referring to a March 2018 court ruling in which federal judges said a 2015 FCC order improperly treated every American who owns a smartphone as a potential robocaller. Pai praised the court ruling, as we reported at the time…”

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