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Judicial Business of the United States Courts 2014

2014 Reports on Federal Courts Caseload and Activities Released

“This report presents data and statistics on the work of the Federal Judiciary for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2014. Separate sections of this report address the appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts; the probation and pretrial services system; and other components of the Federal Judiciary. Caseload data for the major programs of the Federal Judiciary appear in the table of judicial caseload indicators. This fiscal year, filings in the U.S. courts of appeals fell 3 percent to 54,988. Total filings in the U.S. district courts remained stable, rising less than 1 percent to 376,536 as civil case filings increased 4 percent to 295,310, but filings for criminal defendants dropped 11 percent to 81,226. Petitions filed in the U.S. bankruptcy courts decreased 13 percent to 963,739. The number of persons under post-conviction supervision grew nearly 1 percent to 132,858. Cases activated in the pretrial services system declined 8 percent to 100,068…The Annual Report of the Director, also released today, highlights the 2014 activities and programs of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.”

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