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Kaspersky Lab report: Global Web Browser Usage and Security Trends

“Browsers can be regarded as a kind of autonomous zone inside the operating systems of modern computers. A browser is a window to the online world, installed on each and every computer, powered with the ability to install and run additional apps on its territory. Of course, it grants access to a plethora of web-based apps: from online office editors to games. At the same time the majority of online threats come from the web as well. Vulnerabilities in web browsers and other popular programs are used by cybercriminals to infect systems and steal user data: quite often an infected web page triggers the attack. That is why keeping your chosen browser up-to-date is one of the most important tasks, since new versions plug security holes and provide new security features…Slightly less than 80% of Kaspersky Lab’s users have the latest version of a browser. It is important that our data is based on real usage statistics, and there is a chance that quite a lot of users, for example, use up-to-date Google Chrome, but have an outdated Internet Explorer installed, thus keeping a security hole open for attacks. At the same time, the number of users utilizing older or critically outdated browsers is very high. A 23% share for older browsers and 8.5% for obsolete versions represents millions of users. Such reluctance to upgrade is a key addition to the negative outlook on web-born threats..”

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