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Law Journals: Submissions and Ranking, 2008 – 2015

Washington and Lee School of Law – “The purpose of the Law Journal Rankings Project is to give scholars a resource to locate law journals by subject, country or publication, or ranking (where available), to display journal editorial information, and to facilitate an author’s article submission to those journals. . The site currently ranks journals based on citation data from a 2007-2014 survey period. The site is updated annually. In February 2016 the site will be updated with data from a 2008-2015 survey period.  Most bar journals, magazines, and newsletters are excluded from this list. Also excluded are law journals that have few English language articles (except for a few U.S. Spanish language and Canadian French language journals). Journals are displayed alphabetically by journal name. If ranked by making selections in the checkboxes in the main menu area, then the list will sort in rank order. Clicking on the column headers for each numeric rank list will re-sort to that rank. Clicking on the “Journal” header above the journal titles column will re-sort alphabetically. Journals that have ceased publication or have not published at any point during the current survey period are removed.” [via Lyonette Louis-Jacques]

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