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Leaving your job? Take these steps before returning your work devices

Washington Post: “You’ve decided to leave your job and now it’s time to turn in your devices. But what should you do first? Grab all your personal documents and delete them? Do a factory reset to ensure none of your personal data gets left behind? Or do you turn the devices back in as they are, with your two-year-old’s photos and medical documents in tow? These are common questions workers face as they switch jobs, which became increasingly popular during the Great Resignation. And it’s become particularly tricky as many workers’ professional and personal lives — and their corresponding data — have become intertwined during the pandemic with new flexible working styles. But properly navigating how to keep track of what’s yours, what’s not and how best to transfer your data may be the difference between an uneventful departure and one that could spur internal investigations or even civil or criminal charges…”

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