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Legal Inspiration in Art and Literature

In Custodia Legis: ” We’ve all been asked the question, what do you want to be when you grow up? Last year, I attended a preschool graduation where four to five year olds were asked this very question. Their answers varied: a policeman, an ice cream truck driver, a teacher. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no one mentioned becoming a lawyer or a foreign law specialist. So I polled various staff members of the Law Library and asked, was there a character in art or literature that inspired you to a career as a legal professional? Though I was looking for specific characters, I received some interesting answers to this question. Some people, like Beth Osborne, said they absorbed various legal shows growing up, like Law and Order, but there wasn’t a specific character that inspired them. Similarly, there wasn’t a specific character for Ruth Levush, but rather she “liked the challenge of legal analytical thinking to which I was introduced by learning Talmud (Jewish law) as an academic subject in high school in Israel.” She was also inspired by an American TV show popular at the time, about defense attorneys representing innocent defendants. Regardless of how each of my colleagues entered into the field of law, I’m glad they’re all here…”

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