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Legal Linked Data Ecosystems and the Rule of Law

Springer Professional Open Access E-Book: 5.1 Introduction: The Rule of Law in a New Brave World – We will expand in this chapter some ways of implementing linked democracy on legal and political bases. Linked democracy is not only a theoretical approach incorporating open linked data to theories of democracy. It consists of practices and the real behaviour of people exercising their political rights on everyday bases. Thus, it also possesses a personal and cultural dimension that should be valued and protected. Law is an obvious element. Behaviour on the web should be ‘fair’ and ‘legal’. What does it mean? Different states have different jurisdictions, and despite the international trends of the global market, law has been, and still is, dependent on national states. How could we incorporate regulatory forms of empowering people on the web? How could algorithmic governance , data analytics, and semantics be used to foster the principles of linked democracy that we have just presented at the end of Chap. 4“…

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