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“At Legal Consumer, we believe you should have access to quality information about the legal issues affecting your life. Whether you’re facing financial difficulties, health concerns, or trouble at your job, we want to help you find the resources you need. Our websites are written by lawyers and designed to give you accurate, relevant information for your location. Legal Consumer began in 2006, when owner and founder Albin Renauer created Bankruptcy Info for Your Zip Code. As a coauthor of Nolo’s How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (now in its 18th edition), Albin spent years trying to make filing for bankruptcy as easy and non-threatening as possible. In 2005, the U.S. Congress enacted sweeping changes to the bankruptcy law to make filing for bankruptcy considerably more costly and intimidating. When that law passed, Albin vowed to do something about it. The result was the first Legal Consumer website, Bankruptcy Info for Your Zip Code. Albin wanted anyone considering bankruptcy to be able to quickly and easily learn about the full range of resources available them:

  • free information
  • low-cost, high-quality books
  • online services
  • form preparation services, and
  • full service bankrupty lawyers.

Bankruptcy Info for Your Zip Code endeavors to gather and organize all that information and present it in one place. But when Albin founded Legal Consumer, he never imagined it would be only about bankruptcy. Over time, he wanted to cover other areas where localized information could help people get the rights and benefits they deserve. In addition to the bankruptcy website, Legal Consumer now offers comprehensive, local information on:

And stay tuned, because you’ll soon be able to use Legal Consumer websites to learn about student loans, unemployment issues, inheritance law, and more…”

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