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Lib2Gov – Connecting Your Library to Online Government Service

Lib2Gov is an engagement platform hosted by the Information Policy & Access Center at the University of Maryland and the American Library Association, with the goal of helping libraries to better meet the e-government needs of their users.  Learn about providing e-government services in your library, browse through information on popular e-government topics, and share what your library is doing.” has been designed with four goals:

  1. To provide resources that help librarians think about how best to engage in e-government services in their libraries.
  2. To provide communication tools to build and deepen relationships between librarians and government agencies.
  3. To provide communication tools to facilitate the building of a community of practice among and between librarians to share best practice e-government engagement programs and services that meet community needs.
  4. To identify selected and key government agency information, resources and services to assist librarians in meeting patron e-government needs.”

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