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Librarian shares what profession can learn from Buzzfeed

Christina Manzo, Boston Public Library Volume 1, Issue 3, 2015. DOI:

5 Lessons Library Websites Can Learn from Buzzfeed – “Since its 2006 launch, Buzzfeed has become an Internet institution by recognizing and capitalizing on the insatiable life-cycle of viral media. The idea behind the website is relatively simple: bring together trending content (e.g., news, celebrity gossip, entertainment, quizzes) from around the web and organize it into a format that is short and eye-catching. The venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz estimates the net worth of Buzzfeed Inc. at around $850 million. And according to analytics website QuantCast, the site saw 146 million visits in May 2015 alone (accounting for both unique online and mobile visits). For contrast, the Library of Congress—the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States—drew in about 1.1 million visits in the same period. Buzzfeed’s business model relies on shareability, something it has in common with today’s library, which is why library website designers have the opportunity to learn from Buzzfeed’s overwhelming success. Here are the top lessons library website designers can learn from Buzzfeed.”

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