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Librarian-turned-journalist rises; she ‘helped us be this giant scoop factory’

Once again Poynter is highlighting the critical, outstanding and timely work of librarians who have seamlessly transitioned to full time news researchers/journalists. This is not actually a new phenomenon (from the Greek to shine – and yes they do) – rather, there is after too many years wait, an epiphany of sorts recognizing the work of our colleagues, our friends, our mentors, our role models. [h/t Barclay Walsh]

“Earlier in this decade, Brandy Zadrozny had been happy in Vermont, baking pies, cross-country skiing, working at the Burlington Public Library, handling the reference desk at Champlain College. That is until she wasn’t. And journalism is grateful. Over the past year, she’s been getting noticed for research and reporting on Russia’s Internet Research Agency,  uncovering the secret life of a pro-Trump, white nationalist school shooter and digging deep into Vice Media’s rampant culture of sexual harassment. She’s also made frequent appearances on CNN or MSNBC explaining those stories. On Friday, the librarian-turned-senior researcher and writer announced she was leaving The Daily Beast after five years and moving to NBC News as a national reporter. Zadrozny’s move to NBC — along with The Daily Beast’s senior news editor, tech reporter (and frequent reporting partner) Ben Collins — will allow her to break stories for a broader audience, at a medium where the White House is compelled to respond. In a fractious year for democracy, Zadrozny is one of several news librarians and researchers who have made the difference on big stories. Those include the domestic abuse allegations against (now-departed) senior White House aide Rob Porter and the pervy courting and sexual harassment of teens by Alabama lawyer and later GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore…”

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