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Libraries 2020 – campaign to support libraries

Libraries 2020 is a national campaign to build support for local libraries in order to help them keep their doors open. But how does a national campaign and fundraising for EveryLibrary benefit local libraries like yours?

We are dedicated to working in conjunction with other library advocacy organizations and to providing all of our tools, data, and services to libraries  free of charge. Providing political support at no cost to local library campaigns and elections is important because many library campaigns are run by people who care about libraries and literacy enough that they’ve decided to take action and ask the voters for support. The Americans running library campaigns are not political operatives. They haven’t been trained to run political campaigns. They don’t know how to go to the voters to ask for support. But often, the organizations and political leaders who oppose libraries are backed by large political agencies and have the funding to hire well-trained consultants and spend thousands of dollars opposing funding for new libraries or the continued existence of libraries…”

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