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Linux Foundation Europe launches the OpenWallet Foundation to power interoperable digital wallets

Tech Crunch: “The Linux Foundation‘s European off-shoot has formally launched the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF), a new collaborative effort designed to support interoperability between digital wallets through open source software. The launch comes some five months after the Linux Foundation first revealed plans to set up the OWF, shortly before it spun out a region-specific entity called the Linux Foundation Europe which is where the OWF will now officially reside. While the likes of PayPal, Google and Apple are among the most recognized digital wallet providers, allowing consumers to conduct financial transactions in-store or online, digital wallets are increasingly being used to store all manner of virtual goods, from student ID to driving licenses. On top of that, burgeoning technologies such as the metaverse and crypto are giving rise to greater use cases for digital wallets.”

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