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Mail-in voting fraud – It’s nearly impossible

CNET – Election officials and the FBI say it’s almost impossible to pull off fraud via mail-in ballots. Spreading disinformation about voting-by-mail is much easier. “Millions of Americans have voted by mail securely for more than 150 years, with fraud historically being so rare that election officials wouldn’t even consider it significant enough to be a rounding error. But with the coronavirus pandemic pushing a record number of absentee ballot requests, President Donald Trump and his administration have attacked the time-tested system, claiming that it will lead to a chaotic Election Day outcome. Since April, Trump has questioned the legitimacy of vote-by-mail on Twitter, saying it will “lead to massive corruption and fraud,” without offering any evidence of what security flaws are present. Attorney General William Barr also claimed, in June, that voting by mail “opens the floodgates to fraud,” also without any proof.  In a press briefing on election security on Aug. 26, senior FBI officials said they’ve found no evidence of coordinated fraud with mail-in ballots and also highlighted how unlikely the scenario would be.

It would be extraordinarily difficult to change a federal election outcome through this type of fraud alone, given the range of processes that would need to be affected or compromised by an adversary at the local level,” the FBI said…”

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