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Making Sense of the Future of Libraries

Making Sense of the Future of Libraries – IFLA Journal, Vol. 43, No. 4. December 2017.

“We examined five major projects conducted by library associations and related organizations between 2011 and 2016 that focused on the future of libraries and/or librarianship. We employed a sensemaking perspective as the foundation for our research. Through a sensemaking perspective, meaning is intersubjectively cocreated. Threats to identity have created triggers for organizations to reexamine the roles of libraries in their communities. This reexamination of the roles of libraries within the community creates or develops a shared context which impacts both professional identity and advocacy efforts. While it is not clear the exact shape and scope of this crisis in the library profession, it is ‘real’ in that it has been meaningfully named, interpreted and enacted. The issue has been discussed coherently and cohesively in the international library community. It is clear that there is concern, internationally, for the future of librarianship.”

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