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Map: Here’s where we could plant 68 billion trees in the U.S.

Fast Company – “The U.S. was once covered in around 1 billion acres of forest. While much of that land has been developed, a recent study led by the Nature Conservancy found that there are still as many as 127 million acres of former forestland in the lower 48 states—an area about twice the size of Oregon—that could feasibly be reforested. In that space, we could plant 68 billion trees, which could capture more than 300 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, roughly as much as the pollution from 67 million cars. A new tool based on the study, called the Reforestation Hub, maps out exactly where reforestation could happen in each state, county by county. The map, created by the Nature Conservancy and American Forests, doesn’t include most urban land or farmland, or areas that were originally different types of ecosystems, such as grasslands. But in a variety of other areas—including pastures, some protected federal land, places that burned in wildfires or that flood frequently, and some urban spaces, like grass-covered parks or concrete schoolyards—there’s an opportunity to bring back trees…”

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