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Map of Industrial Control Systems on the Internet

  • “What is an Industrial Control System? In a nutshell, Industrial control systems (ICS) are computers that control the world around you. They’re responsible for managing the air conditioning in your office, the turbines at a power plant, the lighting at the theatre or the robots at a factory.
  • Power Plants on the Internet? Really? You’d be surprised! A lot of big industrial stuff that you wouldn’t expect to find on the Internet is being put online. And the problem is only getting worse as more people expect to be able to manage their business from their iPad. A few examples
  • See the Presentation – The latest research that generated the above map is being presented at the 4SICS conference in Stockholm. Visit the website to see the video once it becomes available. 4SICS Conference
  •  Why are they on the Internet? The main reason these devices get put on the Internet is to save time and money so you can have a single technician maintain your infrastructure from anywhere in the world! It saves a lot of money and is the way of the future, you just need to pay attention to how you do it.”


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