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Mapping Immigrant America

  • Mexico (red);
  • Latin America and the Caribbean, other than Mexico (blue);
  • East and Southeast Asia (green);
  • South Asia (aqua);
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (purple);
  • North Africa & Southwest Asia (pink);
  • Europe (orange);
  • Oceania (yellow);
  • Canada (brown)

Demographic data are from the 2009-2013 American Community Survey at the Census tract level; both geographic and demographic Census data come from the National Historical Geographic Information System. I use ACS table B05006, “Place of Birth for the Foreign-Born Population in the United States.” Each dot represents approximately 20 immigrants in that Census tract from a given region, and the dots are placed randomly within Census tracts. The project was inspired by other interactive dot map implementations including The Racial Dot Map at the University of Virginia; Ken Schwenke’s Where the renters are; and Robert Manduca’s Where Are The Jobs?.”

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