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Martha Minow on the art of asking good questions

Harvard Law Today [article includes video of the lecture]- In a last lecture to the graduating classes of J.D.s and LL.M.s, the former HLS dean invokes “The Next Generation” to impart final words of wisdom

“In her Last Lecture to the Harvard Law School graduating class, 300th Anniversary University Professor and former HLS Dean Martha Minow focused on the art of asking good questions—a talent she told the students would be key to their work in the future, and a skill that they should “cherish and cultivate.”  “I would like more time with all of you,” she told the graduates at Austin Hall in April. Her informal talk was peppered with humor and personal reflection, even invoking her love of “Star Trek.” She also referenced two of her favorite commencement speeches, one by author J.K. Rowling, and one by humorist Art Buchwald, quoting the latter in its entirety: “Graduates, we the older generation are leaving you a perfect world. Don’t louse it up.”…

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