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Maryland Stream Health

“Maryland has over 10,000 miles of rivers and streams that reach through every corner of our State – from the Appalachians to the Eastern Shore. They range from the mighty Potomac to small, unnamed creeks in our backyards. Our streams serve as the capillaries and arteries carrying water, life, and pollutants to the Chesapeake Bay. They provide recreational opportunities such as canoeing and fishing, help grow our crops, feed our reservoirs, serve as critical habitat for valuable and endangered species, and provide essential natural services to our environment. Every Maryland citizen lives within at least 15 minutes of a stream or river. What we do on our land directly influences the health of these valuable parts of Maryland’s landscape. This website is provided as a resource on the health of Maryland’s streams, factors that impact that health, and to direct you to ways that you can become actively involved in protecting and restoring your streams.”

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