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Master Social Media Without Sacrificing Your Privacy

PC Magazine: “Some people have no filter. They’ll conduct the most personal phone conversations at maximum volume, on the subway. Or they’ll regale perfect strangers with the excruciating details of their latest medical procedures. Most of us, though, have a better idea of how to maintain privacy for ourselves and our friends. But do you take the same attitude on social media? It’s easy to notice that you’re too loud on the phone in public, less easy to realize that your se settings let any schmo read your social media posts. And yet, protecting your privacy on social media is important, in more ways than you may realize. Perhaps you already know this. Perhaps you keep your privacy settings tuned and never overshare on social media. How about your friends? If they’re careless about their own privacy, their heedlessness can slop over and affect you. Show them this article—post it on your wall! Maybe they’ll shape up…”

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