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Mastodon 4.2 A new search experience and more!

Eugen Rochko Founder CEO: “As Mastodon continues to grow, we’d like to make sure we’re doing all we can to help you connect with your friends and your interests. Most importantly, we want to bring you features that make it much easier to connect with people that matter to you. In this version we overhauled search. The interface for searching is completely new and inspired by the app Ivory—as you type, a popout provides you with quick actions, such as, go directly to hashtag, search only for profiles, or, when writing or pasting a URL, open URL in Mastodon. Your recent searches are now available for quick access, and search results use infinite scroll. That’s only the surface—we reworked and fine-tuned all of the data indexes to make searching for people’s profiles more intuitive, so you can now find people by words in their bio and not only their name. In order to make it easier to distinguish the results you’re looking for from impersonators or third-party bots, we’re now surfacing verified links prominently in the search results. The most exciting news is that for the first time, you can now search for posts. We support a wide variety of operators to help you narrow down your search, such as only retrieving posts that have an embedded link, or a poll, or is from a specific user, or posted between specific dates. Correspondingly, we’ve reworked settings to assemble all privacy choices in one place to provide an easy overview, so you can control if you want your posts to appear in search or on the Explore page—both are opt-in…”

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