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Materials Now Available On Medicare Drug Benefit And Low-Income Beneficiaries

Fromt he Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured:

  • Observations On The Initial Implementation Of The Medicare Prescription Drug Program, a new report based on a focus-group discussion with state Medicaid directors assesses continuing issues related to the interaction between Medicaid and the Medicare prescription drug benefit for both dual enrollees and states.”
  • From the Foundation by the Center for Medicare Advocacy:

  • Toward Making Medicare Work For Low-Income Beneficiaries, a new report examines how the assistance to low-income beneficiaries in the Medicare drug benefit interacts with state-level Medicaid assistance with Medicare premiums and cost sharing through the Medicare Savings Program. The report, prepared by the Center for Medicare Advocacy, surveys all 50 state programs and assesses the implications of their varying eligibility requirements.”
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