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McKinsey – Views from the front lines of the data-analytics revolution

This past October 2013, eight executives from companies that are leaders in data analytics got together to share perspectives on their biggest challenges. All were the most senior executives with data-analytics responsibility in their companies, which included AIG, American Express, Samsung Mobile, Siemens Healthcare, TD Bank, and Wal-Mart Stores. Their backgrounds varied, with chief information officers, a chief data officer, a chief marketing officer, a chief risk officer, and a chief science officer all represented.1 We had seeded the discussion by asking each of them in advance about the burning issues they were facing. For these executives, the top five questions were:

  • Are data and analytics overhyped?
  • Do privacy issues threaten progress?
  • Is talent acquisition slowing strategy?
  • What organizational models work best?
  • What’s the best way to assure adoption?

Here is a synthesis of the discussion…”

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