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Mehlman Castagnetti – America Decided – America’s Divided

PowerPoint – America Decided – America’s Divided – MAIN TAKEAWAYS

  • Voters wanted more competent but also more moderate leadership:  Trump lost for failing to manage COVID competently & excessive chaos / division  • House Democrats lost where voters feared overly-aggressive Progressivism
  • Our nation remains narrowly & deeply divided: • Senate & House nearly tied, key EC states close, minimal state-gov’t change • Biden had no coattails, enters with a narrower mandate… manage COVID & lower the volume… his ability to do more will depend on his success managing the pandemic
  • The big questions remain mostly unresolved: • Both parties face huge internal battles over future direction & leadership • Biden is a transitional leader, not the future of the Democratic Party • Trump is out but hardly gone • Big policy directional questions were deferred (climate, inequality, immigration, systemic racism, etc…”

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