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Bruce Mehlman’s Top 2022 Risks Deck

Bruce Mehlman of Mehlman Castagnetti – his 29 slide deck is titled Living in Limbo – Anticipating the Top 2022 Risks in Politics & Policy

  • “Uncertainty, volatility & disruption are the new normal.
  • 2022 will neither be the best of times nor worst of times.
  • COVID won’t magically go away nor kill us all.
  • The economy won’t return 1970’s stagflation nor the 1990’s boom.
  • U.S.-China tension neither ends in WWIII nor in Chimerica 2.0.
  • Reality will prove more nuanced & complicated. Leaders need to reassess approaches to risk analysis & preparation:Understand macro trends driving technology, geopolitics & culture.Adapt strategies to survive / benefit from accelerating change.
  • Engage stakeholders proactively to maximize intelligence & alliances
  • …Accelerating Pace of Cyber Attacks Breaching Increasingly Sensitive Systems…”

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