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Metadata infrastructure Planning

“Metadata infrastructure planning should start by focusing on the “big picture”, which is the objective of the metadata program, and plan all the MME layers to maintain focus on the objective. Successful technical metadata management requires a solid infrastructure, one that has been planned before it is implemented. In this Focus on Foundations’ article titled Metadata Infrastructure Planning, Douglas Viverito begins a short series on the need for metadata infrastructure as the basis for all metadata management. We encourage you to check out our Data Management Moments professional development video series. Our current series on Metadata Management Failures Top 10 List concludes this month with the # 1 reason why metadata management programs fail. These 2 minute videos have generated great feedback from the data management community! Come back to DataManagementU next week when we introduce our newest author Martin Frappolli, who provides a unique focus and insight on a particular data-intensive industry, insurance…”

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